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Become a model-driven enterprise

Companies are moving from using traditional data analytics tools to answer the question, “What happened?” to using data science to answer the questions, “Why did it happen?” “What will happen next?” and “What should I do now?”

Zepl helps you leverage both your data and your data science team to become a model-driven company and start predicting what will happen next.

Accelerate collaboration across your entire team

Increase the velocity of your data science team by collaborating on a single platform. From data exploration to model training to deploying into production, your team can rapidly iterate then quickly get feedback from your executives and business stakeholders.

Create and train models at scale

Easily scale up and down any amount of compute resources for any number of users without a call to IT. You’ll have all the resources you need when you need them while only paying for what you use thanks to Zepl’s per-minute pricing.

Secure your data science assets

Your team is creating some of your company’s most valuable IP, yet it often walks out the door at night on their laptops. Secure your notebooks in the cloud with fine-grained access controls while using authentication and data encryption to ensure that your credentials are never exposed again.

Data Science & Analytics for Your Entire Team

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What our customers are saying…

Jongheun Yoo
We started using Zepl in its early days and we quickly became addicted. It allowed our team to work more closely, dramatically decreasing cycle times.
Jongheun Yoo
Data Scientist
Raza Dawood
Zepl has helped us achieve two of our primary data science goals – repeatability and transparency. With Zepl we’re able to reuse models, code and results across our entire team.
Raza Dawood
Director of Reporting and Analytics
Taylor McCaslin
Our data scientists are some of our most expensive resources. Zepl frees them from having to manage our infrastructure, which is direct savings to our bottom line.
Taylor McCaslin
Sr. Product Manger

About Zepl

Zepl’s data science and analytics platform enables data science teams to do rapid exploration and predictive analytics on top of petabytes of data. Founded by the creators of the Apache Zeppelin – with more than 500,000 downloads worldwide – Zepl provides enterprise-grade data exploration, collaboration, visual analytics and security.

In just minutes, Zepl brings machine learning at scale to data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, team managers and executives. Zepl supports both Zeppelin and Jupyter notebooks, and empowers your entire data science team – both technical and non-coders alike – to analyze, infer, and act upon massive data sets in real time.

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