Accelerate your time to insight

Collaborative data science analytics in a secure, shared workspace

A collaborative,
cloud‑based environment

Create a notebook-centric project space and manage your data science analytics team efficiently with secure, role-based accounts.

A unified interface for all your data

Securely connect your big data from multiple platforms so you can manage everything in one place.

Visualize your results

Run code natively in Python, Scala, SQL, R and more and share gorgeous, real-time data visualizations of your results.

Bring your data and tools together in a powerful, unified interface

Your secure, cloud-based workspace syncs live data with all your platforms. Get up and running in minutes, with no need to migrate or install anything.

Enterprise-grade features

Analyze and collaborate securely in the cloud using role-based acounts and fine-grained access controls.

Data science analytics
for everyone

Data Engineers

Easily create consistent and reliable data pipelines

Data Scientists

Maximize efficiency and productivity with an enterprise-grade notebook

Data Analysts

Create powerful, live dashboards and share them across your team

Decision Makers

Increase revenue and reduce risk with data-driven decisions

Do more with your data

Take your team from discovery to visualization to analytics in a single data science notebook. Run live code – Python, R, Scala, SQL and more against multiple data sources in a secure multi-tenant environment.