Accelerate your time to insight

Zepl’s data science and analytics platform increases efficiency and reduces overhead, delivering insights into your data faster than ever before

Data exploration

Rapidly explore data at scale, create advanced visualizations and analytics dashboards for real-time, data driven decision making.


Increase your speed to innovation by giving your entire team insights into your critical data. Share models at scale in a secure, consistent way.


Control access to notebooks, data sources, and compute resources using Zepl’s fine-grained access control, with the built-in security of the cloud.

Data Science and Analytics for

Your Entire Team

About Zepl

Zepl was founded by the team that created Apache Zeppelin – with more than 300,000 users worldwide who have created 6,000,000 notebooks.
Thousands of enterprises use Zeppelin and Zepl to drive innovation and speed their time to insight.
Perkin Elmer

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