TGI Zeppelin [video]: Zeppelin + Kubernetes

Zeppelin can run on clusters managed by Kubernetes container orchestration, allowing interpreters to scale out very easily. Moon Lee demonstrates how Zeppelin creates a new container for each individual interpreter and shows how the Spark interpreter can be automatically configured to use Spark on Kubernetes in client mode.

TGI Zeppelin [video]: Zeppelin Interpreters

Ever wonder how iPython and Apache Spark integrate with Apache Zeppelin? Join us for this week’s TGI Zeppelin. Moon covers Apache Spark and Python interpreters and discusses architecture as well as tips and tricks.

Press Release: ZEPL Receives SoftBank Ventures Korea Funding Ahead of Collaborative Data Science Enterprise Platform Launch

  MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (July 12, 2018) – ZEPL, the collaboration platform built for data science teams by the creators of Apache Zeppelin, today announced the launch of an expanded enterprise offering as well as new funding from SoftBank Ventures Korea, the early stage venture arm of SoftBank Group.

ZEPL Little BIG Data Conference in Seoul

We had our first ZEPL conference in Seoul focusing on data usage, technologies, processes, and culture. Why in Seoul, Korea? Besides the obvious roots many of us have here, unlike the US, conferences around data tech, process, and overall data culture are far and few between. In addition, we wanted to cater to the new…

The Golden Bough – Zepl and Kubernetes

  Cloud-native architecture is revolutionizing the way we design, implement, and deploy software. Here at ZEPL, we are fully embracing this modern approach, utilizing Kubernetes, containers, and scalable microservice architecture to create the foundation for the next generation of data analytics.

The Agile Analytics Manifesto

    In the late ’90s and early 2000s, the Agile Software Development movement completely changed how individuals and corporations performed software development. This change from a monolithic, waterfall style of development to a more rapid, iterative approach helped developers focus more on problem solving, collaboration, and innovation. Simply doing a Google search for “Agile…

Official Docker release of Apache Zeppelin — Finally!

From one of our Apache Zeppelin contributors — — — Hi, users. A few months ago the community started to create official docker image for Zeppelin. As of 0.7.2, release process includes building docker image. Thus, every release can ship its own docker image.

Setting up multi-tenant environment Zeppelin on Amazon EMR

We’re seeing more and more people trying to use Zeppelin on EMR with YARN but having some challenges with the setup. Here’s a tried and true set of instructions for multi-tenant environment setup with Zeppelin: 1. Create EMR cluster with Hadoop / Spark / Zeppelin enabled.