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The Agile Analytics Manifesto

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, the Agile Software Development movement completely changed how individuals and corporations performed software development. This change from a monolithic, waterfall style of development to a more rapid, iterative approach helped developers focus more on problem solving, collaboration, and innovation. Simply doing a Google search for “Agile Development” will […]

Launch Zeppelin in 1 minute with Docker

Nice writeup by kun

Official Docker release of Apache Zeppelin — Finally!

From one of our Apache Zeppelin contributors — — — Hi, users. A few months ago the community started to create official docker image for Zeppelin. As of 0.7.2, release process includes building docker image. Thus, every release can ship its own docker image.

Setting up multi-tenant environment Zeppelin on Amazon EMR

We’re seeing more and more people trying to use Zeppelin on EMR with YARN but having some challenges with the setup. Here’s a tried and true set of instructions: 1. Create EMR cluster with Hadoop / Spark / Zeppelin enabled.

Apache Zeppelin and SQL server w/ correct syntax by Davide Mauri

Read it here