Press Release: ZEPL Receives SoftBank Ventures Korea Funding Ahead of Collaborative Data Science Enterprise Platform Launch

Posted on 12 Jul, 2018

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (July 12, 2018) – ZEPL, the collaboration platform built for data science teams by the creators of Apache Zeppelin, today announced the launch of an expanded enterprise offering as well as new funding from SoftBank Ventures Korea, the early stage venture arm of SoftBank Group.

ZEPL (pronounced “ZEP-pull”) helps companies of all kinds unlock the transformational power of data analytics. The company’s platform leverages notebook technology to enable individuals and teams to create, share and collaborate in a single environment that’s compatible with Python, Scala, R and SQL.

ZEPL today released an enterprise version of its collaboration platform for private cloud deployment. The enterprise version of ZEPL provides enterprises with all the benefits of ZEPL — multi-language notebook execution, collaboration across teams, and sharing with fine-grained access control — in their own secure, private cloud environment.

The enterprise platform was developed in close collaboration with ZEPL’s early adopters, including Samsung Electronics, University of Colorado, and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

“We started using ZEPL’s cloud version in its early days, and we quickly became addicted,” said Jongheun Yoo, Data Scientist, Samsung Electronics Graphics R&D group. “It allowed our team to work more closely, leading to dramatically improved cycle times. Unfortunately, as our usage of ZEPL picked up, our internal security requirements started to become an issue. We shared our dilemma with ZEPL, and we were thrilled to learn about this new enterprise solution that meets our expanding needs.”

Also facilitating ZEPL’s growth is a new $5 million investment from SoftBank Ventures Korea. With this round ZEPL will focus on scaling its operations across its offices in the U.S. and Asia.

“The strategic potential of data analytics is well documented, but its actual impact has been frustratingly slow to arrive,” said Sejun Ra, ZEPL CEO and co-founder. “Data analytics is a team sport – but because of organizational silos and technical hurdles, most teams can’t collaborate effectively. ZEPL literally gets everyone on the same page, with shared notebooks that work in all the major programming languages.”

“We’re very excited about ZEPL’s potential to drive a step-function change in the business impact of data analytics,” said JP Lee, CEO of SoftBank Ventures Korea and new ZEPL board member. “Having created Apache Zeppelin and worked hand-in-hand with the world’s top data analytics teams, ZEPL’s founders deeply understand what data analytics teams need in order to realize their much-hyped potential.”

About ZEPL

ZEPL is a collaborative platform built for data analytics teams by the creators of Apache Zeppelin. ZEPL’s platform helps companies of all kinds unlock the transformational power of data analytics. With ZEPL, teams can execute, share and co-create data analysis with a single interface – enabling them to reduce cycle times and drive better business results. With offices in Mountain View, California and Seoul, South Korea, ZEPL’s investors include SoftBank Ventures Korea, Vertex Ventures, Big Basin Capital and others. For more information go to