We are leading the transformation of
enterprise analytics through Apache® ZeppelinTM

Our Values

Love Open Source

We truly believe that openly disseminating research is critical to a healthy exchange of ideas, which in turn leads to rapid and innovative progress in the field as a whole. ZEPL team created Apache® ZeppelinTM keeping this in mind and has been contributing for a long while. We are embracing and love the open source mind.

Enjoy challenges
& New ideas

We are transforming our experience and knowledge into solution and service through very advanced analytic features and with the help of the best people. We are extending data analysis by making it super easy, so anyone can benefit from it, not only Ph.D data scientists. We enjoy challenges, new ideas, fast prototyping and deploying results to production quickly.

No Bureaucracy

We have always put an effort to eliminate the need for formal hierarchy. All members have an equal right and the same opportunities. Everyone is here because they’ve spent years studying and working hard. We always approach discussions with humility and an open mind to guarantee that we’ll learn something new or appreciate a problem from a new perspective.

Our Perks

Besides your standard health, pension/401K, awesome office,
and amazing people, here are few other benefits:


Having everyone at the office is our preference, but we care most about teamwork and results. If you can be productive, you are free to arrange your work schedule and location to meet your individual circumstances.


Every last Friday in the month, we have a lunch party to celebrate birthdays and new members to the team. We often have a BBQ party at out office terrace.


We host camps in the US office for employees twice a year. Team members from all over the world join in this camp to work on amazing projects as well as further solidify our teamwork.


ZEPL members are consisted with people who have various cultural background such as Azerbaijan, France, Korea, Russia, and US so far. We communicate with others in English with open mind.