Sync your data. Invite your team.

Do more with data, faster.


A Secure, Shared Workspace

ZEPL's enterprise collaboration software helps teams share work across a single, configurable environment.

Create a Workspace

Spaces bring your team together to collaborate on shared notebooks. Create public or private Spaces that align to your projects, groups, or tasks.

Invite Your Team

Manage user permissions with role-based accounts, and customize member access with fine-grained notebook-level ACLs.


Enterprise collaboration software lets you share data, comments, visualizations, dashboards, and more directly in your live, shared notebooks.


A Complete Data Science Platform

All the data science tools and capabilities your data science team needs to source, model, and analyze your data sets without installing or setting up complicated environments.

Run Live Code
in Multi-Language Notebooks

Code seamlessly in multiple languages and libraries – all in the same notebook.

Extensive Language Support

Go beyond Python. ZEPL supports a complete modern data science toolset including Python, Scala, R, Spark, JavaScript, SQL and more.

Use the Tools you Love

Whether you’re modeling a new machine-learning algorithm or simply creating an executive dashboard, you’ll find powerful, built-in tools.


Beautiful, Built-In Charts

Real-time graphing capabilities bring your queries to life with a single click.

Create One-Click Visualizations

Visualize your SQL query, Spark DataFrame, or Pandas DataFrame with a single click. Choose from multiple gorgeous, built-in charts.

Build Advanced, Custom Visualizations

Build advanced visualizations with popular Python and JavaScript libraries such as Matplotlib, Plotly, Highcharts, and more.

Create Custom, Interactive Dashboards

Empower real-time, data-driven decision making with executive analytics dashboards.


A Unified Interface to All Your Data Science Work

Sync, search, and manage all work across your data science team.

Time to Insight

Deploy a secure, cloud-hosted, multi-tenant workspace in minutes.

Centralize and Organize
your Team’s Work

Upload or sync your team’s existing Apache Zeppelin or Jupyter notebooks. Make ZEPL your central notebook repository so you can view, share, and collaborate.

Unified Access to Distributed Data without Migrating

Securely connect your on-premise databases over JDBC, and integrate existing cloud data with Athena and Redshift. Many others coming soon.

It's easy to get started. Sync your data, invite your team, and engineer the crap out of your data with ZEPL.