Zepl's Hands-On Lab

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Learn how to use Zepl to explore data, build machine learning models and analyze results quickly and easily.

Join our Hands-On Lab to learn:

  • How to connect Zepl’s data science platform to your data in seconds
  • How to start using data science to analyze your data in minutes
  • See the most successful data science use cases and see how you can implement them with your team
  • Get a demo of Zepl’s latest features
  • Q&A from the audience


Zack Shainsky, Solutions Architect for Zepl

Zack is a Solutions Architect for Zepl, the only data science platform built for your cloud data warehouse. Zack helps data science teams be more productive and accelerate collaboration across a variety of use cases. Zack’s previous experience as a Sales Engineer at Splunk gives him a deep understanding of how to turn data into answers, tackling the toughest IT, IoT, security and data challenges.

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