Zepl brings data science to Snowflake data around all kinds of use cases such as marketing analytics, predictive maintenance, sales forecasting, anomaly detection, product recommendations and more. By leveraging Zepl’s native one-click integration into Snowflake, customers can get up and running using data science in minutes.

Use Python, SQL, R, or Scala to
analyze your Snowflake data.
Share your notebooks -- not your
credentials -- using Zepl’s secure
Tell a story with your data using
our out-of-the-box visualizations
like our built-in Plotly editor
Stop wasting time maintaining
your data science infrastructure

 Snowflake users are way ahead of the curve when it comes to using data as a strategic advantage in their business. They want to analyze, infer and act upon massive sets in real-time. Zepl provides the collaborative, model-driven results they’re looking for to drive their businesses forward.

Dan Maloney
CEO of Zepl

  • Yonder Gets to Market 4x Faster With Snowflake and Zepl
    Zepl works natively with Snowflake, allowing Yonder data scientists and analysts to interact with data in real time and prototype new analysis daily.
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  • How to Use Zepl to Secure Your Data Science Notebooks
    Snowflake Field CTO for Security, Jonathan Sander, discusses how Jupyter and Zeppelin notebooks are a “security breach waiting to happen” and how Zepl has solved this problem.
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  • Using Data Science for Anomaly Detection
    Taylor McCaslin, Data Scientist and Product Manager at Gitlab shows how to use Zepl to analyze your Snowflake data for anomaly detection.
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  • Visit Snowflake’s Webpage Highlighting Zepl
    As one of only a handful of Elite Technology Partners, Snowflake highlights Zepl’s exception integration and joint customer wins.
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  • Marketing Analytics Solutions Guide
    Snowflake Cloud Data Platform and Zepl power marketing analytics across your entire customer lifecycle, allowing you to understand your customers like never before.
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  • Using Data Science to Analyze Your Snowflake Data
    Zepl Solutions Engineer Zack Shainsky walks you through how to get started using Zepl to do predictive analytics on your Snowflake data.
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