Plans and Pricing

Pricing to Meet Your Company’s Needs

Zepl offers multiple editions of our data science and analytics platform. For usage-based, per-second pricing with no long-term commitment, sign up for Zepl Instant™ – pay only for what you use and scale at your own pace.
Looking for discounted capacity? Zepl PrePay™ lets you secure pre-purchased Zepl capacity as a cost-effective and predictable option.

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The first $400 of

credits are on us

Flexible compute, pay

only for what you use

Grow your data science

infrastructure with linear

cost and predictability


Support for R, Python, SQL, Scala

Secure keychain

Business hour support M-F

1 day of time warp

Support for one org



Professional +

Advanced visualizations


Premium support

Unlimited time warp

Pre-packaged content

Data encryption everywhere

Image customization


Virtual Private Zepl

Enterprise +

REST API integration

Support for unlimited orgs

Library customization

HIPAA support

PCI compliance

AWS PrivateLink

“Our data scientists are some of our most expensive resources.

Zepl frees them from having to manage our infrastructure,

which is direct savings to our bottom line.”

Taylor McCaslin