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Zepl offers pricing options to meet your company’s needs. For usage-based, per-second pricing with no long-term commitment, sign up for Zepl On-Demand. Pay only for what you use and scale at your own pace.
Looking for discounted capacity? Zepl PrePay lets you secure pre-purchased Zepl capacity as a cost-effective and predictable option.

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Zepl Credits are used to pay for the processing time of a notebook (containers and clusters). Zepl Credits, a unit of measure, are consumed only when a notebook is running. When a notebook container is not running (e.g., manually stopped, scheduled job is completed), it does not consume any Zepl Credits. Zepl Credits are consumed at different rates based on the memory and machine size selected to run each notebook.

Zepl has a usage-based (consumption) pricing model. We charge via a consumption unit called a Zepl Credit which is priced at $4/credit per hour for OnDemand pricing. Customers can buy prepaid capacity at a volume discount.

Even though we quote at an hour granularity, we charge by the second. Zepl supports a wide range of notebook container sizes. The size of the notebook container determines how much data can be stored in-memory and impacts the performance of the job. Different sizes of notebook containers consume Zepl Credits at the following rates for each hour the notebook is operational:

You will be billed the first day of the following month, or when you reach $100, whichever comes first. You will be billed a minimum of $25/month.

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