Enterprise Collaboration Software: Born In The Cloud

In just minutes, Zepl’s enterprise collaboration software enables you and your team to start analyzing and collaborating around your cloud data warehouse. Create advanced statistical and scientific analysis using popular Python and JavaScript libraries, leverage robust embedded visual analytics and use Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe2, for real-time, model-driven decision making.

Data Exploration

Make model-driven decisions faster

  • A single unified interface to manage all your work
    Sync, search and manage all the work across your data science team. Zepl’s powerful search lets you discover and reuse models and code.
  • Rapid prototyping
    Use Zepl’s interactive analysis to build, tune and deploy models faster. Use Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe2 and more to analyze data at scale.
  • Bring machine learning to your data lake
    Use Zepl’s enterprise collaboration platform to query data from Snowflake, Athena or Redshift and build your models in Python.
  • Extensive language support
    Zepl supports a complete modern data science toolset including Python, Scala, R, Spark, and, SQL.
  • Embedded visual analytics
    Use pivoting and dynamic forms for enhanced interactions with your data using heatmap, radar, and Sankey charts.
  • Run live code
    Code seamlessly in multiple languages and libraries all in the same notebook.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Share and comment across models, results and insights in a secure, consistent way

  • Centralize and organize your team-based data science
    Zepl is a shared work environment for all of your ML and AI assets.
  • Work on notebooks anywhere, anytime, in any format
    Collaborate across Zepl, Apache Zeppelin and Jupyter notebooks, and access them from Github, S3 or Zeppelin instances. Now you can view, share, and collaborate securely across your entire team.
  • Reproduce your results
    Zepl creates a new container every time you run your notebook, providing you with the same image each time you run your models.
  • Real-time collaboration and comments
    Invite team members to join a shared space and work together in real time or simply leave their comments on a notebook.
  • Share your work securely
    Use fine-grained access controls to share your work. Allow others have read, edit, and run access as well as enable collaboration and distribution.
  • Automatic version control
    All notebooks are auto-saved and versioned. You can name, manage and roll back all versions through an easy-to-use interface, and export seamlessly into Github.
  • Resource management
    View all your team’s notebook execution history and set detailed resource usage controls to manage costs effectively.


Innovate at scale with best-in-class security

  • Leverage cloud security
    Move your notebooks and data from local laptops to the cloud to utilize Zepl’s secure connection and credential management. Your data scientists, analysts and engineers no longer have to download data to their laptops. Instead you can set usage permissions to make sure your team has access to the data they need automatically.
  • Fine-grained access controls
    Control who is allowed to access notebooks by team or individual with permissions to read, run, rollback, schedule, publish and more.
  • Securely connect to data sources
    Establish secure connections to JDBC data sources in the cloud or behind your firewall, as well as to AWS S3, HDFS, Snowflake, and AWS EMR clusters, or import data programmatically. Then, analyze the data using your favorite languages and tools, including Panda data frames, Python, Scala, R, and SQL.
  • Single sign on (SSO)
    Zepl’s data science platform integrates with your SSO solution using SAML, LDAP, CES or Oauth.
  • Data encryption – in motion and at rest
    Zepl uses transport layer security (TLS) to encrypt connections to your data, and to encrypt the data itself, as it is “in motion” transiting to and from the Zepl platform. Additionally, all Zepl data, databases, and data-sets are encrypted where the data is “at-rest”.
  • Secure data access– Zepl Encryption Keychains safeguard your credentials and ensure only those authorized are able to access and decrypt your data.

Rich Visualizations

Tell a story with your data using Zepl’s graphing and presentation capabilities.

  • Create one-click visualizations
    Visualize your SQL query, Spark DataFrame, or Pandas DataFrame with a single click. Choose from multiple gorgeous, built-in charts.
  • Build advanced, custom visualizations
    Build advanced visualizations with popular Python and JavaScript libraries such as Matplotlib, Plotly, Highcharts, and more.
  • Create custom, interactive dashboards
    Empower real-time, data-driven decision making with analytics dashboards using Zepl’s report mode.
  • Presentation mode
    Use Zepl’s powerful presentation mode to tell your story using results and graphs from right within your notebook.