As the creators of Apache Zeppelin, we understand the power and complexities of data science at scale. Data scientists spend up to 80% of their time on non-model related activities, like data prep, infrastructure management, and version control.
Zepl changes all that.
By leveraging Zepl’s enterprise analytics platform features across your team’s entire workflow, data science teams reduce costs, increase productivity, and drive real business impact.

Data Scientists

Accelerate your team’s productivity

Zepl empowers data scientists to explore data rapidly at scale, turning data insights and discovery into action and quickly delivering business value. Zepl’s flexible and collaborative enterprise analytics platform supports Python, Scala, R, and SQL in a single notebook, as well as both Zeppelin and Jupyter notebooks in a single interface. By using Zepl’s real-time collaboration capabilities, data scientists are able to easily reuse models, code, and results across their team.

Manage your team’s access

Zepl’s fine-grained access control allows you to manage access to notebooks and data sources by teams or individuals. You can give read, edit, and run access, as well as enable collaboration and distribution. Zepl allows you to consolidate all your notebooks into a single shared, secure repository.

Data Engineers

Frictionless data preparation and access

Connect Zepl to your data source once, and manage usage permissions for all of your team members through our easy-to-use enterprise analytics platform. Bringing on a new data scientist? No problem. Give them access to all the data sets they need without having to involve IT.

Monitor and manage resources better

Gain visibility into all your team members’ notebook execution history and resource usage. Zepl’s fine-grained access control allows you to set read-only or read-write permissions by team or individual. You can establish standard profiles with parameters like idle time-out and maximum runtime per notebook to reduce resource consumption.

Data Analysts

Share data insights and get feedback quickly

Leverage Zepl’s embedded visual analytics or utilize open source charting tools like Matplotlib, Plotly, and Highcharts to tell a story with your data. Share your results and get real-time feedback around your critical data science projects to improve outcomes and results.

Harness the power of data science and analysis in one place

No need to configure data sets or compute resources — Zepl handles that for you. You can immediately start analyzing data and visualizing your results with the all compute power you need to pull the data directly from your data warehouse or data lake.

Executive and Business Users

Get answers faster

Zepl enables collaboration across your entire data science lifecycle, providing you with model-driven insights faster than ever before. By empowering your team with a single extensible enterprise analytics platform, you will reduce the overhead associated with using multiple tools, and go from prototyping to insights in record time.

Maximize your data science ROI

According to Forrester Research, only 22% of companies are currently seeing a significant return on data science expenditures. Zepl gives you the most out of your data science investment by getting your team to production faster. It gives you visibility into your data science projects and workflow so you can optimize your team’s productivity.