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Get an up-front look at Zepl’s data science notebook solution. Zepl will dramatically increase the flexibility of DataRobot for data scientists who love to code and share their expertise across teams of all skill levels. 

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  • Get up and running in minutes: Zepl’s self-service, cloud-based solution is easy to use 
  • Code-based: Use Python, R or Scala all in a single notebook
  • Enterprise-ready: Zepl provides out-of-the-box security, versioning and collaboration
  • Q&A with our Product Experts


Zack Shainsky, Solutions Architect for Zepl

Zack is a Solutions Architect for Zepl, the only data science platform built for your cloud data warehouse. Zack helps data science teams be more productive and accelerate collaboration across a variety of use cases. Zack’s previous experience as a Sales Engineer at Splunk gives him a deep understanding of how to turn data into answers, tackling the toughest IT, IoT, security and data challenges.

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